I Can’t live without my….coffee or chocolate?

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Irene Field

Which would you rather? Coffee or Chocolate? The reason I ask, is that we are inundated with messages that life isn’t worth living without chocolate. But is this really true? Or is this some astute marketing campaign by a secret hidden ‘Chocolate Marketing Board’. I love a good conspiracy theory don’t you?

What bought this to mind is the routine of my day. I have to start to my day with a coffee. I mean, I ‘HAVE’ to start my day with coffee. Insert quotation marks, exclamation marks or what you will. If my day does not start with a coffee – watch out!

I am not denigrating chocolate by any means. I can go days or even weeks without chocolate. But ask me to go days or weeks without my morning and subsequent daily coffees, and we are in a whole new ball game.

The Instant granules that some shake their head at, is actually my preference. When you open a new pack or jar, and spy those granules and the aroma hits your nose, now that is heaven. Powdered instant – we won’t go there. It has to be the granules.

A coffee machine? Not in this house. I hardly have room for a kitchen, let alone a coffee machine taking up bench space.

In a strange quirk of taste buds however, I do not like coffee in my baking. It can sit in a cup in liquid form, alongside baking treats, but coffee cream or a coffee cake are a no go.

Whilst I enjoy a nice chocolate, as I said it is something I can do without. Is there some food or drink that you can’t go without in your daily life?

Oh and as for my evening drink. We won’t go there – yet!

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6 thoughts on “I Can’t live without my….coffee or chocolate?

  1. Definately coffee over chocolate for me. I’m partial to the granule instant coffee too Irene (the powdered stuff just tastes like pig swill to me, bleurk).
    The only downside is if I try to cut back my caffeine intake I get blinding headaches. A good three cups a day for me. There are many things I could go without, but I NEED my daily cuppa fixes.

  2. How interesting all the comments. What set me off thinking about this, is that I certainly do have my food foibles. But Coffee actually is an addiction. I wish I could have one a day. Mature age has put to bed the coffees after 4pm – but by god I used to be up to around 10 or 12 cups a day. I have halved that now.

    But I was pondering my morning routines – and it always has been get out of bed, do the ‘cough cough’ stop etc, and straight to the kitchen to fill the jug and get it going.

    When I travel away, I seriously miss my instant coffee!! And if I am on a tight schedule on trips away for work, I allow extra time to get up to make a coffee – no matter how bad it may taste.

    Maybe it’s the action and not the ingredient that is addictive?

  3. My favourite thing in the whole wide world is coffee flavoured chocolate.

    oh I do love them seperatly. But together is like a great marriage.

    My favourite coffee is granulated decaf.. yes decaf,so im not addicted, I just love the taste of coffee. In baking ia another and my favourite alcohol beverage has coffee liquer in it.

    Chocolate, well I must say I was bitterly dispaointed when my favourite choc when all “palm oil” on me.. so I changed to a NZ brand and havent looked back. The fun part is working your way through all the different varieties.

  4. Embarrassingly enough I tread a terrible carbon footprint in pursuit of good coffee. (I try and compensate for it in other ways) I MUST have my morning latte and even when on holiday in Rarotonga we will drive 20 minutes into town just for the sake of a real coffee.
    Here at home I will drive past endless cafes to get to the one that makes the best latte with a strong coffee and perfect temperature milk.

    I think I do really like the taste of it as opposed to just an addiction. I am really fussy though and if my morning latte has boiled milk or tastes milky rather than strong then I have been known to bin it.

    I really like chocolate but it isn’t a daily essential – although often a tab of lindt 70% dark chocolate with a gingernut biscuit is a mid afternoon highlight.

  5. Whenever I take I break from drinking coffee- say for a few weeks or so, and come back to it, I’m reminded that it really doesn’t taste very nice. Addiction quickly puts those feelings to bed, but essentially, it’s bitter, nasty stuff. If it wasn’t an addictive stimulant we wouldn’t touch it with a gondolier punt!
    I love chocolate but can go weeks without eating it, or even thinking about it very much.
    I can’t go long without good cheese though, or sweets. I like a nice wine gum.

  6. I enjoy chocolate but my morning coffee is my addiction. I often only have one per day but I do have to have that one. I have a double shot flat white – the deal is I make my husband’s lunch and he makes the coffee.

    I used to enjoy instant coffee too but I am not so keen now, but I am partial to a plunger coffee especially at the beach. I like the hotness of it….that sounds mad but it is the truth