What Do you Bake for ‘Old’ People?

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Irene Field

Don’t panic, it is not me asking that question. This was a legitimate question posted on Twitter. When I spied that post, my jaw dropped and my fingers were ready to pounce. Fortunately I engaged what brain matter I posses, and used restraint. I ignored. And stewed away, nonetheless.

Is age a pre-requisite for the type of baking we enjoy. I have in my possession a copy of ‘Helen Jackson’s Kitchen’, penned obviously by Helen Jackson. Let’s use Helen’s book and some of the recipe selection therein.

Golden Coconut Meringues – sorry darling, coconut gets caught in my teeth. Old age has caused my gums to shrink and I have gaps that resemble canyons. Better pass on that one.

Coconut Ice Slice – ditto with the coconut dear.

Raspberry Frangipane Tarts anyone? Sweetie, I just came in from the garden. Do you really think I now want to eat a frangipane?

Lemon Cupcakes? I don’t know if my sight is good enough to peel off the paper cup dear. Be a dear and pass me the magnifying glass.

Luscious Chocolate Tart? I was just about to hit you with my walking sick. I thought you were calling me a lushy old tart. Where did I place my hearing aid?

In conclusion for the sweet, adorable young things amongst us (including myself):

I may not know my Harissa from Clarissa

Or know the difference between sumac and a tarmac

I thought Jus is juice just spelt wrong

And what do you mean by Macaron?

At end of day, food is food

To enjoy and savor, even if you have a brood

Age is not a pre-requisite for pleasure

Just swallow each mouthful at your leisure.

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4 thoughts on “What Do you Bake for ‘Old’ People?

  1. I am 83 and it is just wonderful when anybody cooks/bakes for me……………just the thought of it is delicious xx :)