Uncle Joe’s International Award Winning Oils now available Nationwide

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Malcolm & Jenny Horwell are the co-owners of Uncle Joe’s award winning Walnut and Hazelnut products. They have owned Uncle Joe’s since 1997 when they purchased the small entity previously based in Nelson. They produce Uncle Joe’s premium nut & seed oils which are all cold pressed, plus delicious nut spreads and kernels. Uncle Joe’s oils have been winning Gold awards both overseas and locally at Gourmet Oil Competitions since 2007.


This year they entered their oils into the International Gourmet Oil Competition in Paris (AVPA) competing against 120 oils from around the world. Uncle Joe’s Walnut Oil received one of two Silver Medals, Uncle Joe’s Mustard Seed Oil received one of five Bronze Medals & Uncle Joe’s Hazelnut Oil received one of twenty Gourmet Diplomas.


The Walnut Oil has received Gold Medals at the NZ Gourmet Oil Competition in Christchurch since 2007 and Hazelnut Oil won Gold at the Gourmet Oil Competition at the Auckland Easter Show in 2013. Uncle Joe’s Walnut Spread was in the top 10 finalists in the inaugural Cuisine Artisan Awards 2009.


More background on Uncle Joe’s: With growing sales and distribution Jenny & Malcolm decided to diversify and expand into growing and selling hazelnuts. They decided to plant a small grove of nut trees & because their  property lies adjacent to other small holdings, they chose to plant hazelnuts, a smaller tree as opposed to potentially much larger walnut trees. They planted their first paddock in a variety commonly grown in NZ called Whiteheart and in the following two years planted a table nut variety called Ennis.


Uncle Joe’s now has a small producing orchard of around three and a half acres planted with ten to twelve year  old hazelnut trees. Added to this supply are hazelnuts from other orchardists as well as walnut crops from local tree owners. A fully mechanized production process has been developed, making careful choices of equipment to minimize possible damage to the kernels and protection from oxidising. Above all the focus is on ensuring customers are delivered premium quality kernels & oils.


Uncle Joe’s Award Winning Pumpkin Seed Oil : makes a delicious  simple salad dressing, can be used to flavour baking, enjoy dipping with artisan breads such as Sourdough, drizzle over roast beef, brush cooked corn on the cob lightly with Pumpkin Seed Oil, put a few drops in scrambled eggs.




Uncle Joe’s Award Winning Walnut Oil : Has a rich nutty flavour (perfect for salad dressings) toss through pasta, brush a thin coat on fish or steak just before serving,  enjoy with mild blue cheeses and pears, drizzle over freshly steamed vegetables & make wonderful light salad dressing oil; contains good heart health Omega 3 properties.




Uncle Joe’s Award Winning Mustard Seed Oil: is used in dressings & sauces worldwide; can be used for seasoning or frying (smoke point 254 deg C). Mustard Seed Oil is a rich source of Omega 3 and Vitamin E (known for protecting the heart) for cooking use a little for flavour, enjoy with watercress or steamed greens, fish, bread or pasta.




Uncle Joe’s Award Winning Hazelnut Oil : Delicious in vinaigrettes, smooth & tasty as a dip with good fresh bread, works well with citrus fruits, raspberries & other naturally sweet foods, makes a great garnish for fish dishes & baked veges. Rich in healthy mono-unsaturated fats, minerals, vitamins, protein & fibre.




Uncle Joe’s Award Winning range of oils 50ml RRP $9.50 are available from specialty food stores & participating supermarkets nationwide. For more information or stockists visit www.unclejoes.co.nz

Four Oils

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