Easy Grand Marnier Dessert

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Mrs Aurel Kanagaratnam


  • 2 tablepsoons milk
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 300 ml cream whipped
  • 2 tablepsoons Grand Marnier
  • Any Berry fruit to garnish… or a mixture of fruit


Melt sugar and milk and boil till a thik syrup is formed, and most of the milk evaporated. Slowly pur syrup onto egg yolks whisking briskly. Beat till light and creamy. Leave to cool and then fold in the whipped cream and Grand Marnier. Pour into ring mold or individual moulds. Freeze till needed.
To serve: quickly dip mould in hot water and turn out. Garnish with selected fruit. A separate bowl of fruit salad can be served with this dessert.

Easy to make and convenient to have in the freezer over the holiday period.

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One thought on “Easy Grand Marnier Dessert

  1. Wonderful, takes us back awhile to sunny Sri Lanka when Aurel Sunimal Vittachi, now Kanagaratnam used to turn out dainty dishes at her home in Narahenpita and when she lived in Bambalapitiya. She was such a fine cook, so much so that she lived in the kitchen most of the time always turning out such wonderful sweetmeats and tasty meal. We loved the times spent together with family and loved ones. Sincerely hope she is happy in her new home in New Zealand. Veronica and Vernon from Sri Lanka.