10 Uses for Sesame Seeds

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Black sesame seeds

After starting a discussion on food items that linger in your pantry or fridge, sesame seeds seemed to appear on many posts and in particular the black variety seemed to be one of those things that people find difficult to use but the uses for black and white are fairly interchangeable.

Sesame seeds, whether they are black, white or red (yes really) add a nutty flavour and a just discernible crunch to many foods.  The white are most commonly used in NZ and generally found sprinkled on top of bread.  Black sesame seeds have a nuttier flavour than their white counterparts and can look striking when contrasted with food.

While most of us would be pushed to consume sesame seeds in any volume they are actually highly nutritious being high in calcium, copper and magnesium (as well as many other attributes).  The oil is high is antioxidants and is able to be shelf stable for a sustained period of time without going rancid.
Sesame oil is most commonly found in SE Asian recipes where it is used sparingly due to its very intense flavour.
Tahini, sesame paste, is the base for hummus and also halva, a Middle Eastern confection.

1. Chop pita pockets into triangles, drizzle with oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds and sea salt and toast until crisp and golden.

2. Soba noodle salads, sprinkle with black or white sesame seeds.

3. Dukkah is a mix of seeds and spices that is lovely with bread and olive oil and sprinkled on eggs, avocado or salads.  You can use black or white sesame seeds.

4. Sesame Green Beans, cook green beans in a wok or frying pan with a little oil, a splash of soy sauce and a tiny splash of sesame oil.  When they are cooked toss with sesame seeds until they are aromatic.

5. Coating chicken nibbles that already have a sticky coating such as hoisin sauce.

6. Teriyaki Salmon sprinkled with sesame seeds be they black or white is stunning, just what the photo in this recipe needs :)

7.  Sesame seared tuna, this recipe on Taste.com.au is delicious.

8. Sesame Chicken Salad – use black or white sesame seeds or a mixture of both

9. Smoked Chicken Slaw – you can of course leave out the smoked chicken and simply serve the slaw as a side dish with other meat.  The black sesame seeds look stunning contrasted with cabbage.

10.Cheese and Sesame Biscuits

And… you can sprinkle sesame seeds on top of pies, sausage rolls, asparagus, prawn toasts,

What do you use sesame seeds for?

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  3. Sesame seeds are always an ingredient in my homemade muesli.
    Incidentally, when you say black sesame seeds, are you talking about the triangular black Nigella seeds from the flower otherwise knows as Love-in-a-Mist.
    I went to buy some from our Binn-Inn and their black sesame seeds were oval, like the white ones. I didn’t try a taste because they taste much nicer toasted than fresh. In fact, I keep mine in the freezer while fresh so that they don’t go rancid.
    I’ve never seen or tasted the red ones.