The thing about salads. ..farro and quinoa

The thing about salads. ..farro and quinoa

It’s been such an amazing, never ending summer this year that salads are even more of a feature in our family  meals than usual; so versatile, and only limited by your imagination – a far cry from when a salad … Read more »

A Beginners Guide to Making Quince Paste

Our young quince tree pretty much doubles the amount of fruit it produces each year. This year there are plenty for quince paste, jelly and poached fruit, next year I may be setting up a factory!

How to Make Perfect Pulled Pork

I will remember the food of 2012 by two things, pulled pork in sliders and salted caramel (in many forms). While I made salted caramel in vast quantities it took until the early days of 2013 to make pulled pork.  Pulled pork … Read more »

Do You Write in Your Cookbooks?

Do you write in your cookbooks? As children we are told to treasure and look after our books and any that are personalised in any other way than a name are considered disfigured.

Prize Winning Chocolate and Strawberry Pavlova

Last week while most of you were still digesting breakfast, I was eating my way through pavlova at the Nosh annual pavlova competition. With 40 pavs to pick from it was no easy task choosing champions from the 3 categories –  adult, alternative and … Read more »

Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles

Hello,  it’s Melissa from Baking Makes Things Better.  I thought with the weather heating up I would share with you an easy truffle recipe.  These Peanut Butter Truffles are a perfect after dinner nibble to have at Summer barbecues and with Christmas just … Read more »

Good Time Xmas Meringues and Rhubarb Champagne

Good Time Xmas Meringues and Rhubarb Champagne

Rowan Bishop Each year I do a Xmas menu, but this year it’s going to be shot at an interior designer’s house instead of mine (yay!). My brief is different, too – simple but classy, and not too expensive.