Let's Call it Pork Terrine

Let’s Call it Pork Terrine

  Mark Jarrett I love rillettes. On their own, on toast, stuffed in pita bread and toasted. Another extravagant way is in stuffed jacket potatoes. They are quite fatty so a year or so back I decided to adapt them. … Read more »

Turkey Cooked with Buttered Muslin

A well cooked turkey is magnificent, it looks great and tastes even better. The challenge of the cook though is to produce a bird that is evenly cooked, with the legs being cooked thoroughly and the breast meat still moist. … Read more »

Kampot Pepper Cambodia

Kampot Pepper Cambodia

  One of the culinary highlights on my recent cycling trip of Cambodia was a visit to a pepper farm in Kampot.  I must admit that before I visited Kampot I had never bothered to think about variances in the … Read more »

Perfect Baklava

Sometimes in life, and not very often, you get to taste something that is so perfect that the moment stays with you forever and maybe you will never be able to replicate it again. Most recently for me it was … Read more »

Urban Chicks – Renee Lang

In light of the publicity surrounding free range hens (or not) at present, I am once again weighing up the pros and cons of hens in the city. This in turn made me think of Renee Lang, champion to hens … Read more »

Amisfield, Food and Wine Stories

Hot off the press is Amisfield, Food and Wine stories from Central Otago  Lovers of good wine will be familiar with the Amisfield Pinot Noir and aromatic white wines, while travellers to Central Otago would seldom leave without stopping at the … Read more »

Lois' Ginger Biscuits

Lois’ Ginger Biscuits

    Hi Helen, my 89 yr old mother-in-law has made Ginger Bikkies forever… she is amazing, she never eats them but shares with the community like a currency. Her 8 children,  22 grand children and now about 30 great … Read more »

10 ways with Verjuice

Verjuice or verjus if you like, has loads of uses in the kitchen and it really is a case of the more you use it the more you will. The juice of unripe grapes, verjuice is produced on a small … Read more »

Mmmmm Mushroom Soup – Rowan Bishop

I simply can’t resist foraging, and this autumn has been a bumper one for mushrooms – I come home most mornings from walking the dog with a kilo or so; the flavour is superb, and there’s such pleasure in getting … Read more »

10 Uses for Sesame Seeds

After starting a discussion on food items that linger in your pantry or fridge, sesame seeds seemed to appear on many posts and in particular the black variety seemed to be one of those things that people find difficult to use … Read more »

Red Gurnard

  Red gurnard (Chelidonichthys kumu), like most of the worldwide gurnard family, are shallow-water, bottom-dwelling fish. They are found all around New Zealand (except for the southern fiords) on sandy seafloors to a depth of about 180 metres and feed mostly on … Read more »

Bluff Oysters aka Bluffies

      Bluff (dredge) Oysters Tio Paruparu; Tiostrea Chilensis  Fondly known as Bluffies, Bluff oysters live in gravel or coarse sand in the seabed, in waters 25 to 50 metres deep. While they can be found in small patches … Read more »

Know your Bacon

  The aroma of bacon sizzling in a pan is one of the most mouth watering of all the cooking smells.  It rouses sleepy heads out of bed and needs nothing more than a couple of eggs and toast or … Read more »