Little and Friday

Little and Friday

Just when cafes were starting to get a bit of sameness about them – think Belgium biscuits and raw energy slice, along comes one (well actually two) that stand unique in home baked goodness and in particular their buttery light … Read more »

Looking Death In The Eye…

Virgil Evetts Just like many of you, I’ve lived my life to date as a good keen carnivore but one quite divorced from the slaughter. I buy my meat from nice clean shops, where it’s trimmed to look as little like muscles, organs and … Read more »

The Great Recipe Challenge – Revelations

Irene Field Welcome to the next instalment. Why is this entitled ‘Revelations’ you may well ask. A resounding no, it is not due to biblical reasons. Although when tasting, I almost encountered a blinding light moment. But that is getting … Read more »

The Great Recipe Challenge – Fruition

Irene Field I know you have all been waiting to see what recipe would come to fruition this week. Which tome awaited my cooking skills (or lack thereof?). Vying for attention was Sophie Gray’s ‘Destitute Gourmet – Stunning Food from … Read more »

The Great Recipe Challenge - Trepidation

The Great Recipe Challenge – Trepidation

Irene Field This recipe challenge has bought home to me what a small world we live in. Think Six Degrees of Separation to Twilight Zone music. My recipe bookcase  is in no particular order. Actually my other bookcase is exactly … Read more »

The Great Recipe Challenge... Elation

The Great Recipe Challenge… Elation

Irene Field After last week’s disappointment, I decided it was time to pick myself up, brush myself down and continue on. I would not let one soggy bottom (on my fish pie) put a dampener on my challenge. This would … Read more »

The Great Recipe Challenge Disappointment

  Irene Field In the interests of variety and charting new unfounded territories, back to the bookcase I ventured. The next book appeared very sad and sorry, practically spineless so to speak, complete with loose leafs falling out, purchased when … Read more »