How to Make Vietnamese Pancakes – Banh Xeo

After a few weeks of travelling Vietname enjoying light and crispy Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancakes) stuffed with masses of herbs, salad leaves, sprouts, prawns, crisp dried onions, a dash of fish and hot chilli sauces, my meals at home don’t have … Read more »

Umami and Miso Paste

For years I have been making soups that seem to be missing something in their flavour component but it is something hard to define.  While the soups are no doubt nourishing unless I add lots of spices and feisty herbs, … Read more »

Kampot Pepper Cambodia

Kampot Pepper Cambodia

  One of the culinary highlights on my recent cycling trip of Cambodia was a visit to a pepper farm in Kampot.  I must admit that before I visited Kampot I had never bothered to think about variances in the … Read more »

Perfect Baklava

Sometimes in life, and not very often, you get to taste something that is so perfect that the moment stays with you forever and maybe you will never be able to replicate it again. Most recently for me it was … Read more »

10 ways with Verjuice

Verjuice or verjus if you like, has loads of uses in the kitchen and it really is a case of the more you use it the more you will. The juice of unripe grapes, verjuice is produced on a small … Read more »


  Just in time for summer cooking and perhaps some Christmas gift making, Rowan Bishop has released her delightful book Relish, Fine Chutneys, Pickles & More. With the rise in temperatures and longer daylight hours, barbecues and summer don’t seem … Read more »

How to Make Really Good Hummus

Years ago, long before our supermarket chillers were packed with processed dips and at a time when my favourite cookbooks were Moosewood and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, I started a love affair with hummus.

Everlasting Feast

Everlasting Feast

So much more than a cookbook, Lauraine Jacobs Everlasting Feast is her story but also our story of food through the years in NZ. Remember back to spiders as children, homemade trifle and really good bacon and egg pie? Lauraine’s … Read more »