Take them Food!

  6 weeks ago today (and counting) I had a fall outside at home (on wet concrete) which resulted in a gash to my head, elbow and also concussion. For an A-type personality that is used to organising work, family and charity, … Read more »

A Free-Range Hens Life

The recent furore around free-range eggs has prompted me to write a bit about a genuine free-range egg farm and also about egg farming  in general. Despite a company looking like they were not being ethical there are many credible free-range egg farmers … Read more »

Turmeric Latte, the new craze

  In a world where we are constantly searching to find the elixir of life, turmeric is the latest health food trend, following on the tail of the coconut oil craze. Turmeric grows as a rhizome and is from the same family … Read more »

I Found Nemo – Vomo Island Fiji

    Yes this is a food site but there are times when I experience something completely unrelated to food that I just have to share. On an extraordinary trip to Vomo Island Fiji with Tourism Fiji, a huge highlight for me – … Read more »

Cooking with Galangal

Galangal is a knobbly rhizome that looks a little like ginger and although they are related their flavours are vastly different. Galangal is used almost exclusively in recipes from SE Asia where its pungent earthiness yet also citrus notes, gives a depth and interest to … Read more »

Fishing in Sri Lanka

The waters surrounding the island of Sri Lanka are literally teaming with fish and while you can of course charter a boat and head out with rod and reel, you can also experience plenty without having to leave the shore. Typically flights … Read more »

Seriously Delicious Persimmon Marmalade

  The thing about persimmons The thing about persimmons is that they’re not only beautiful to look at, but delicious in so many ways. The tree itself is really attractive, too, especially in Autumn. I’ve baked them in cakes, but … Read more »

A Proper Chip

  There are many treats I can forgo in life but chips (as in crisps as opposed to the fish n chip variety) are not one of them. My passion for various gourmet treats waxes and wanes but chips remain … Read more »

Umami and Miso Paste

For years I have been making soups that seem to be missing something in their flavour component but it is something hard to define.  While the soups are no doubt nourishing unless I add lots of spices and feisty herbs, … Read more »

Let's Call it Pork Terrine

Let’s Call it Pork Terrine

  Mark Jarrett I love rillettes. On their own, on toast, stuffed in pita bread and toasted. Another extravagant way is in stuffed jacket potatoes. They are quite fatty so a year or so back I decided to adapt them. … Read more »

Turkey Cooked with Buttered Muslin

A well cooked turkey is magnificent, it looks great and tastes even better. The challenge of the cook though is to produce a bird that is evenly cooked, with the legs being cooked thoroughly and the breast meat still moist. … Read more »

Kampot Pepper Cambodia

Kampot Pepper Cambodia

  One of the culinary highlights on my recent cycling trip of Cambodia was a visit to a pepper farm in Kampot.  I must admit that before I visited Kampot I had never bothered to think about variances in the … Read more »

Perfect Baklava

Sometimes in life, and not very often, you get to taste something that is so perfect that the moment stays with you forever and maybe you will never be able to replicate it again. Most recently for me it was … Read more »