South Australia Fare

South Australia has everything a food lover could ever possibly wish for; incredible wine, fabulous local produce, a plethora of artisan bakers, cheese makers and numerous dairies (the milk/yoghurt product sort not the corner sort), making South Australia arguably the … Read more »

Rest and Relax in Phuket

Along with location, weather and food, where you stay can make or break a holiday experience. Although I haven’t always been a Resort convert, a recent trip to Club Med Phuket shows me exactly how good a family holiday can be!

Sun and Fun in Samoa

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” ― Ernest Hemingway. Drunk is overstating things, but I probably wasn’t completely sober either when I spontaneously suggested we should do a … Read more »

Orange – New South Wales

There’s nothing like Australia! This month’s travel section is full of sights and tastes from destinations all around Australia, after all ‘there’s nothing like Australia’. There’s also some great prizes up for grabs.  Kiwis love holidaying in Australia more than … Read more »