A Taste of Turkey

The tomatoes are like nothing I have ever seen before, their colour densely red and full of rich flavoured juice.  Maybe this has something to do with a summer of brilliant hot days, no rain at all, yet enough underground … Read more »

Perfect Baklava

Sometimes in life, and not very often, you get to taste something that is so perfect that the moment stays with you forever and maybe you will never be able to replicate it again. Most recently for me it was … Read more »

Pasta Pasta

    Some of my favourite all time meals are based around pasta and while they come and go in my cooking repertoire, they remain timeless in my mind. Pasta is one of the ultimate in comfort foods and something … Read more »

South Australia Fare

South Australia has everything a food lover could ever possibly wish for; incredible wine, fabulous local produce, a plethora of artisan bakers, cheese makers and numerous dairies (the milk/yoghurt product sort not the corner sort), making South Australia arguably the … Read more »